Kassidia Pike

Bringing Passion to Living

The Naked Truth about Kassidia

The truth is……Kassidia Pike is the best, sexy, secret part of me, the part I always wanted to share with the world but was too shy.

If you saw me in a store or on the street, you’d see a dark-haired woman who looks fit and happy,  and never guess that inside those curves beats the heart of a confirmed pervert.  My life has been about loving and experiencing so many things—international travel,  great food and great sex.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been with  some amazing men, and to be loved and love in return.  My fantasies weren’t truly fulfilled until I finally found a man whose passions matched my own, in and out of the bedroom.  The secret desires I had had for years began to blossom, and new explorations  led to worlds of pleasure and adventure.

What I have learned is what I want to share with you—that your life, and your passions, are a banquet.  Eat well, drink well, love well!

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