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Newly Published: Her first day on the job, and Megan already knew she was in trouble! Breastfeeding her baby had seemed like the right thing to do, but when she needs to take a break from working with her dominant new boss, how can she hide her lactation from him?

It’s tough enough sitting next to such a stern man, who has a track history of firing new assistants, but the thought of him knowing that she needs to use a breast pump is too embarrassing to even consider.
Brent knew there was something different about Megan as soon as he met her, but little did he realize that she was about to strip his boring life away, and get down to what he really needed…. HER.

Published 11/5/2014 Jessica’s obsession with gorgeous shoes borders on a foot fetish. Sky high heels, dainty sandals, amazing boots…. After a dull few days at an accounting seminar, maybe a handsome store owner can rouse her passions and help her figure out how to afford the amazing pieces of artwork (shoes) that he’s selling. The owner’s brother is more than willing to give Jessica a wild introduction in their city, and a bargain for thigh-high boots she will never forget! Three people, a back office, a big desk, and a bargain that Jessica may regret later….

Or maybe she won’t.

This 5000 word story is for mature readers (over 18) only.

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