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resized_Backdoor_BargainWhat if you can’t trust your lover, even in bed?
When Steven decides Kate needs to pay for her sins, he makes her a taboo bargain she can’t refuse. She loves him, but to keep him she’ll have to let go of her inhibitions enough to trust him with her first time, and can she trust him to take control of where and when she will have to pay her penance? An evening out turns into a game of lust and power, with an ending that may break them both, or bind them together.


PayingBack Her Boss (4)

A lying ex-husband, a money-grubbing loan shark, and a domineering boss who thinks he can make Nicole a deal that will benefit them both. Nicole may not think she wants to submit to her boss’ desire for her, but a dangerous temporary arrangement means that she gets her life and her house back at last.

Still, a dominant man this possessive couldn’t possibly mean to keep her, could he?



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