if you love stories of sexy, steamy romance , between strong men and passionate women, this group of hot and taboo tales is for YOU!. It includes the following previously-published books:

Paying Back Her Boss: Complete Collection (Books 1 & 2)
This is the complete two-part series, previously published separately.

A lying ex-husband, a money-grubbing loan shark, and a smokin’ hot and domineering boss who thinks he can make Nicole a deal that will benefit them both. Nicole may not think she wants to submit to her boss' desire for her, but a dangerous temporary arrangement means that she gets her life and her house back at last.

What begins as a financial arrangement starts to become tangled in passions and corporate secrets, as Nicole learns that a rich and powerful man in an expensive suit may hide unfulfilled passions that she never has known before. Still, a dominant man this possessive couldn't possibly mean to keep her, could he?

What She Really Wants: A Fertile Love Story
Emma think she knows what she wants, but after discovering some interesting files on her roommate's laptop, she may change her mind when she gets an invitation from her handsome neighbor. Maybe what she wants is something more primitive than what any modern girl wants....and more dangerous.

The Backdoor Bargain: Complete Collection (Books 1, 2, & 3)
The Backdoor Bargain: A Taboo Love Story
What if you can't trust your lover, even in bed? When Steven decides Kate needs to pay for her sins, he makes her a taboo bargain she can't refuse. An evening out turns into a game of lust and power, with an ending that may break them both, or bind them together.

The Backdoor Bargain 2
When Kate defies her lover and jeopardizes her own safety, Steven wants to make sure to teach her a lesson that she'll never forget. A masked party turns into a wild night that will test their boundaries and their relationship, in ways they both never expected. Is this lust and discipline, or the ultimate romance?

The Backdoor Bargain 3
Trying something new in their new passionate relationship, a moonlit beach and a tropical paradise brings out the primitive side of them both...and teaches them things they'd never known before.

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